About Us

Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba and 100% Canadian owned, MacMor Industries Ltd. is a distributor of Industrial, Safety and Rigging products. MacMor Industries Ltd. offers itself as a “One-Stop-Shop” to the construction, agricultural, forestry, mining, oil and gas, utility, sheltered structures and transportation sectors. We continue to service, but are not limited to, customers located in Western Canada and Northern Ontario.

MacMor’s success stems from its commitment to its customers and years of work by dedicated staff. At MacMor Industries Ltd., we provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and always at a fair price.

Our History

Early in the 1920’s, two Manitoba engineers, Mr. Morton and Mr. MacKay, founded the company that would become MacMor Industries Ltd. The company, named Morton and MacKay Limited, started out producing technical drawings and plans for a range of electrical and structural projects.

The first major milestone in MacMor’s history came in the early 1950’s when Mr. Morton passed the business on to his son, Jack. MacKay had already sold out his share to Morton, and Jack became the president of the company he would direct for the next 25 years.

Throughout these years, a new focus emerged, and the services the business offered began to undergo a transformation. The company now was not just providing technical drawings, but also began sourcing some of the tools and equipment those plans required. Eventually this part of the business grew to the point that Jack created a new division to handle it, calling it MacMor Industries Ltd., an amalgamation of "MacKay" and "Morton."

In 1980 Jean-Marc Roy, then an employee, purchased the company from Jack Morton. Under his leadership the company has continued to grow, and in the last ten years, a distribution centre has been established in Edmonton, Alberta. Business, under the MacMor banner, has experienced tremendous growth and is expected to continue that trend in the years to come.


MacMor Industries Ltd. is Proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company

Under the direction of Jean Marc Roy, President, and the Executive Management of MacMor Industries Ltd., our head office in Winnipeg obtained registration to the ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management Systems Standard in 2017. Initially the company was registered to the ISO 9002:1994 International Standard obtained February of 1997.

The decision to seek registration to the ISO 9001 Standard was based on two factors.  One, to optimize and streamline internal operations, and two, to demonstrate to our customers that we are operating within the confines of an internationally recognized quality system and that we are dedicated to continual improvement.

Since the implementation of our ISO 9001 program, everyone here at MacMor Industries Ltd., has embraced the culture, and our efficiencies are dramatically improving.  We believe that this allows us to be a better supplier to our customers, not only in terms of professionalism, service and accuracy, but also relative to cost control, which ensures that our customers are realizing competitive pricing and excellent value.

Basically this means that we document what we do and do what we document.  Our Quality Management System documentation is based on the ongoing, day to day processes and activities of the company.  Through internal and external audits of our processes, and customer feedback, we are able to identify where and how we can improve service levels, streamline the way we do our jobs, and implement process efficiencies that help to drive costs down. All this makes for a productive organization that can stay focused on what is important – delivering superior service to our customers.

At MacMor the Customer is Number One!

MacMor Industries Ltd. registration to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard represents a major achievement to our company. Our goal is to achieve excellence in customer service by monitoring – and meeting – specific performance standards.  We must respond to the quality expectations of our own customers.

Our customer needs are better understood as customer feedback is sought, received and analyzed. Goals and objectives are adjusted based on this information and our organization becomes more customer driven.

Our ISO Registration is important to many of our customers, but certainly not all, and that’s okay. What is important to us is that it does help us to serve you better, and that is what really counts.  The following is the Quality Policy Statement of MacMor Industries Ltd.

Quality Policy Statement

MacMor Industries Ltd. is committed to providing the highest quality of products and customer service in an economical and timely fashion. We will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment through training for our employees, to assist them at eliminating internal errors through a systematic application of preventative and corrective action, inspection and testing.

Management and employees are committed to improvement of products, process, and service through continuous measurement and analysis, implementation and monitoring of our Quality Management System.

Through our quality policy all of our employees shall abide by the Quality Management System, practice it daily and suggest improvements.

Our dedicated partnerships with quality vendors assist us in maintaining our goal of customer satisfaction.